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Governance & Advocacy

As a private organization independent of the TMCC administration, TMCC-NFA advocates on behalf of higher education professionals at the college for any improvements, protections, and/or recommendations that members of the bargaining unit believe are in the best interests of the college, the faculty, and the communities we serve. The chapter does not replace or take on any of the duties and responsibilities of the TMCC Faculty Senate or its subcommittees, but seeks to work closely with them, in a collegial and friendly manner, in matters of mutual interest. We also seek to work with the TMCC administration, Nevada System of Higher Education, Board of Regents, and state legislature on any matter or issue important to TMCC faculty in which our participation could be beneficial to our constituents.

The chapter is built upon the foundations of academic freedom and shared governance. Our efforts reinforce the belief that faculty members must be partners in preparation and adoption of college policies, procedures, budgets, compensation; and that faculty representatives must be selected by the faculty according to procedures determined by the faculty. Faculty participation in these processes dramatically improves sound decision making only when they are given access to all information required to perform a task, have the opportunity to meet and speak freely with the administration and/or governing boards for deliberations, and their input is given appropriate consideration. Meaningful faculty participation in the decision-making process builds worker solidarity and creates a more vibrant and effective campus community for students and employees.

In partnership with our state and national affiliates, TMCC-NFA also helps to define professional ethics in higher education and to set pedagogical standards for teaching and learning that foster a just and equitable society.


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