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Karin Hilgersom

At the November 30, 2022, Board of Regents meeting, TMCC President Karin Hilgersom  voiced strenuous complaints about the periodic evaluation process for NSHE presidents, saying it suffered from "inconsistency" that she characterized as "potentially damaging to the future of one's career." But now she has injected inconsistency into the evaluation process for multiple TMCC employees. Is there a reason for this double-standard?

UPDATE 2/14/2024: The TMCC Vice President of Student Services and Diversity provided a clarification: "[N]one of my Direct Reports received a 360 [evaluation]. The individuals that received a 360 report directly to [the Executive Director of Admissions and Records]." She added that the admissions and records evaluations do not include a campus-wide survey and utilize a form maintained by the Human Resources office.

Elizabeth Sturm Library at night

In an early November email, faculty members were invited to participate in a three-night event entitled "Library After Dark" at the end of the month. According to organizers, the event is designed to provide students with more study time as they prepare for finals and complete final projects and papers during extended hours in the Elizabeth Sturm Library. Despite these great intentions, several faculty members expressed concern about the late notification and "workload creep." 

TMCC-NFA members at UAW picket site

In a show of solidarity, TMCC-NFA Local 6766 members spent an afternoon lending their support to United Auto Workers (UAW) members in their labor action against the Big Three Automakers.